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You're On The List

Nov 23, 2017

Bret Ernst and Pete Giovine reunite at the Comedy Store and catch up with each other finally! Bret's been shooting in Atlanta and Pete just got back from the Philly Punchline with Kurt Metzger. The guys talk about net neutrality and the upcoming FCC vote that will change everything. Pete's brother is having a baby and...

Nov 10, 2017

Petey Boy Jones Johnson welcomes Feraz Ozel and Michael Lenoci to discuss living the life and playing the role of an "opener" in comedy. Feraz goes viral, Lenoci opens for D'Elia constantly, and Pete is chock full of stories of the great comics he gets to open for. The boys discuss the do's and don'ts of being a good...

Nov 3, 2017

Bret and Petey Boy talk about the rap songs they despise. They all can't be gold Jerry. Join the boys for a terrible walk down rap's memory lane!