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You're On The List

May 19, 2017

Pete and Bret hang at the House of Comedy condo in Phoenix with guest comedian Chad Zumock. The guys talk about their years working as waiters, cooks, and bartenders, and the ways they quit their jobs. The boys also talk about their celebrity customers, Sebastian telling you the specials, tricks of the trade, and they...

May 12, 2017

Pete Giovine welcomes best friend and actor Chris Wylde at The Comedy Store for a special Simpsons edition of the podcast! Wylde is a Simpsons expert and discusses his favorite guest stars, peripheral characters, and the guys rank the best Simpsons characters in the show's history! Don't miss this episode! D'oh!

May 5, 2017

EXCLUSIVE: Interview with the man who kidnapped Girls Gone Wild's Joe Francis in his first time talking about the crime and the jail time. Paris Hilton tipped off the cops after a party Petey Boy was at, and Riley had rocket skates!