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You're On The List

Aug 25, 2017

Bret is back from Albany and Pete just got back from Oregon. The boys talk about the striking contrast between Los Angeles and literally every other place on Earth. They run down the good and bad traits of LA and dive into the superficiality of it all. Get your lips done and enjoy!

Aug 18, 2017

Bret and Petey Boy Jones return from New Jersey and talk about Bret opening for Bill Burr, Carlos embarrassing every Jersey food staple, and the amazing time they had with the Frige and Steamboat Willie at their show in Asbury Park. The guys look back to the days when summer was winding down and you knew you were...

Aug 14, 2017

Bret just watched "She's All That" with his wife and enjoyed it. The guys talk about the most popular chick flicks and try to get to the bottom of guys who cried during The Notebook. The boys sing the praises of Jimmy Durante and the good old days when songs were about being true. Cuddle up on the couch with your...

Aug 11, 2017

This is a short message from Pete Giovine about how he forgot to bring the correct SD card, while in New Jersey performing with Bret Ernst.

Aug 4, 2017

Bret and Pete catch up on life, liberty, the Mooch, and question what could have happened if Scaramucci lasted a little bit longer as White House communications director. The guys talk Italian American slang and the words that mean night shade vegetables – call your Mom and buy YOTL t-shirts!

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